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Corporate Culture

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Formed during the operational process, the corporate culture is a comprehensive reflection of operational purpose, values and moral principles that are abide by all the staffs.
Corporate culture is special spirit and material wealth created by the company in the operational and management process. It includes cultural views, values, company spirit, moral rules, behavior standards, historical standards, enterprise system, cultural environment and company products. Values are the core of the company.
Corporate culture is the unique core value, operational philosophy and organizational spirts which are created in the organizational activities. It can improve the morale of the staff. The corporate culture uses positive thoughts to enable the staff to produce strong sense of mission and a continuous drive. In this case, the positivity and the creativity of the staff can be driven, so that the group power can be formed. The corporate culture plays an important role in adjusting staff’s mood, condensing staff power and achieving organizational goals.
The mission of the company is to take responsibility and to play corresponding role in the economic and social development. It refers to company’s basic features and the reasons of their existence. It introduces company’s operational fields, operational thoughts, so that it can provide evidences in terms of goal formulation and strategic formulation.
The strategic goal is to transfer abstract company’s mission and wishes into different kinds of qualitative and quantitative goals. By implementing special strategies, the expected results can be gained. Strategies are actions taken to achieve the long-term goal. The strategic goals are diverse. The goals include both economic goals and non-economic goals. The goals include both qualitative and quantitative goals. 
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